natural anthem

Despite the band's lack of skins on the wall, though, we couldn't help but be won over by the laidback atmospherics of lead single, "Paranoid."

The reverb-heavy, retro-leaning groove is reminiscent of a more upbeat, less forlorn take on Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game." Sure, those missing elements were precisely what makes Isaak's song one of the greatest ever committed to tape -- but, nevertheless, "Paranoid" is an impressive thing in its own right.

In any case, it's far and away the standout track from one of the year's best debut albums.

-Cory Graves, Central Track

Thread, six tracks spread over 26 minutes, is far trippier and more melodic — the ghosts of ’60s folk and psychedelic rock hover in the background of cuts like Sicker and the lush lead single, Paranoid — making this reinvention a welcome dive into the great unknown.

-Preston Jones, Fort Worth Star Telegram

In a loft space in an unassuming Kennedale neighborhood, guitarist/singer Jake Murphy and drummer Daniel Slatton tune up for a rehearsal. As Slatton bangs out a few patterns on his six-piece kit, Murphy wires a pedal between his amp and his handsome Gretsch guitar while explaining — in great detail — the sound he’s looking for. “When we play live, I’ll use the mixer as the fuzz pedal,” he said, pointing to a heavy piece of equipment in the corner. “If you put the gain all the way up on that and even the EQs all the way up, it’s super-crazy sounding. … And I’m really attracted to that.”

-Joey Keeton, Fort Worth Weekly

Please say hello to Natural Anthem’s newest hazy and soulful track, “Paranoid”. Ironically, “Paranoid” feels as though it’s been lifted straight out of the 1960s psychedelic rock era, careening through four minutes of soft and slow vocals that cyclically shift into bold and assertive choruses. A dreamy guitar riff and heavy, unbroken bass line just further advance this track’s hypnotic vibe, molding a blurred four minutes of misty blues.

“Paranoid’s” music video is exactly what you’d expect from this track — it’s vibrant, pulsating, and intoxicatingly hallucinogenic. Band members Jake Murphy and Daniel Slatton have successfully served a slice of psychedelic listening and watching, temporarily transporting listeners to a different musical age. The Fort Worth, Texas duo has released their EP, Thread, which can be streamed on their Bandcamp.

-The Wild Honey Pie